Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pest Control Variety Show

One of the supporting cartoons for the Zipperhead series will be the Pest Control Variety Show, starring Floyd and Lloyd (temporarily Steven in one episode), who are two weird kids that put on a fake variety show in which they kill off things besides insects.

The idea for this came from recordings I made with a friend long ago. We would target people we didn't like as pests, our school bus driver, mean teachers, or other annoying kids were all fodder.
Thinking back, this must have been some kind of catharsis for us.

Bringing them to life was a challenge, I never thought about what they looked like, so I loosely based them on myself (no I never had green hair), and my friend Steven.

"Remember, we cannot turn you back !"

Steven is "Pestcontrolized"

Steven & Lloyd sing the Pest Control Theme
(the Gremlin is a model of my first car)

please watch the short test animation from their first show

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Spacedog and the path to Psychosis's like trying to push one of the Easter Island heads up Mount Everest.

For YEARS it felt like this project would never happen, and end up in the toilet. Doing nothing but work for clients has finally taken it's toll, tired of feeling creatively drained, I decided to create this blog, hopefully to push myself to make progress, and maybe get some comments (good or bad) from other artists..
These are a few storyboard panels from an episode where Spacedog try's to explain to Billy (his boy) that he is seeing tiny spaceships that follow him around causing mischief.

After Billy doesn't believe him, he sits and chomps down some biscuits and cow hooves, (his favorite snack) and is suddenly disrupted by a buzzing at the door...