Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Spacedog, with apologies

I had created some new merchandise of one of my cartoon characters, and I received a message from Zazzle stating the item would not be allowed on the marketplace, this of course came as a shock, nothing was a copyright infringement, or offensive,..but then I realized my characters name, Zipperhead, is a derogatory slang. I've been using that name for so long, and I never knew it was offensive !

I sincerely apologize if anyone was upset or insulted, I have now changed his name to "Spacedog Laddie".

Part of me hates changing it, the old logo was actually drawn by John Kricfalusi 

But you won't find anything with that Zipperhead logo on it now, 
(unless your one of the people getting a mug or shirt this christmas). 

I'm really anxious to post some animation of him, hopefully soon,. for now, check out the new

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