Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Merry Robot Christmas

What do robots have to do with Christmas ?
As much as reindeer, snowmen, and anything else we've attached to celebrate a religious birthday...

So this year, in the spirit of holiday frugality, I have re-purposed an animated piece I created for a company I used to work for. I originally made this in 2001, we entered it in a few contests, had it shown at a local theater before a feature movie, and then it just sat on youtube in low resolution. (Back before you could upload HD)

It was originally supposed to be a quick animated christmas greeting, but I took the simple concept of Santa landing on a strange planet to plant a Christmas tree a little further. He's befriended by a huge robot, that helps him find his way.

I built the entire piece in Flash, except the robot, he was built and animated in Lightwave, then converted to vector to be used in Flash, if I made this now I would've definitely used Anime studio, the version of Flash back then didn't have the best rigging tools for characters, (it actually had none thinking about it)

Seeing as the company I made this for no longer exists, (they were bought and chewed up by a corporate monster) I felt this would be better suited for my 'Y Band of Robots' project.

Enjoy the new HD version (watch in 1080 !)
 and have a MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!!

the updated sequel coming next year !
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